Monday, November 7, 2011


Will and his very tired looking Mama
We are sitting in the hospital room, and for the first time since his surgery...Will is showing interest in a toy! He has pretty much done nothing but cry or sleep for the past few days, so this is an awesome change.  We are starting to see glimpses of our little boy again, and that is a wondrous thing.

Clinically, Will is progressing very well.  He is eating and drinking again, his incision is healing well, and his swelling seems to be somewhat stabilized.  All of this adds up to a very good thing...if all goes well, we are going home tomorrow (Tuesday)!  The doctors all agree that Will is just not going to be happy until he gets out of here.  The poor kid stiffens up in fear everytime a nurse walks past our room, let alone comes in.  Not that we can blame him.  He has had so many blood draws and IV lines run that the nurses are having a hard time finding an "unused" vein.  His arms and legs are bruised and purple.  The poor kid needs a break.  We will find out more on rehab therapy tomorrow, but they going to be setting it up on an outpatient basis, which means we are all going to get to sleep in our own beds again.

We continue to be humbled by the outpouring of support that we have received for our little Buster Beans. We have gotten so many emails, texts, messages, wall posts and cards that it is impossible to respond to them all.  Will has people from around the globe praying for him, from close friends and family to total strangers, all who hear his story and want to do their part.  In the past week, Buster's Blog logged almost 4,000 hits!  Unbelievable.  From the bottom of our heart, we thank all of you!

And, perhaps the most important update of far, so good.  No seizures!


  1. I am so happy Will 's recovery is progressing on schedule. I have been thinking and praying for you all week. Love you! Emily Phillips

  2. So happy to hear that things are going well. Lanie has been asking about Will every day and I have been sharing your blog with her. Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers. -Brad, Jen, Lanie, and Brady