Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day #2 Done

Will had a pretty rough day.  He just wasn't happy with anything.  He cried a lot, and felt like he got tortured by the wonderful nurses here who are doing their absolute best to care for him.  He really hates seeing anyone wearing scrubs walk in the door.  He was uncomfortable all day, and kept switching back and forth between Dan and Kelly every few minutes, hoping that one or the other would provide him with the relief or comfort that he was desperately looking for.

He only drank about 5 ounces of apple juice today, and barely ate anything.  He just wasn't interested and seemed like he did not have an appetite.  We got him to eat about a 10 spoonfuls of applesauce but he wasn't happy about it.  So, they gave him an IV bag.  After he had this bag, his Codeine dose, and some Tylenol, he perked up tonight.  He ate a small pack of graham crackers and drank some Gatorade, and then got comfortable on Kelly's lap and gazed at her for a while.  For the moment he was content, and he fell asleep.

He had his good moments today as well, looking at books, pointing at things in the books, and making some of the same noises and sounds that he made before he had the surgery, which makes us wonder if his brain had already moved on and began using other areas to begin his speech development. Hopefully, if nothing else, the absence of the left temporal lobe will mean that the seizures are done and the static in his brain is gone.

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  1. Hi Kelly. I have been following along ever since you wrote me on the IS forum. I hope the days to come get easier and easier for Will. He has such a sweet and beautiful face. Can't stop thinking about you all. Tyler