Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Halfway Point

We are 36 hours in, with 36 hours to go until surgery.  Will has been moved out of ICU and into the regular hospital wing.  He has eaten almost nothing, occasionally drinks a little juice, but is luckily on an IV so at least he is getting liquids.  He is very miserable, but still fights like crazy every time they try to get a blood pressure read on him, or touch him for any reason, which is pretty often.  He is still on  some pretty heavy hitting pain medications, along with antibiotics.  We are becoming concerned that in his weakened state he will have a difficult time with the 2nd surgery on Friday, unless he starts to eat and gains back some energy. It has been a very long day and we think it will continue like this through the night and tomorrow.

We think we are seeing a visible seizure in his eye blinking.  He is frequently squeezing his eyes shut, and it looks like it is an involuntary movement.  This is happening rapid fire in clusters over the course of several minutes, about once every three to five seconds.  It is also tracking with spiking that we are seeing on the EEG.  Of course, this has not been verified by any doctors, it is just what we are seeing and it is something that we've never seen him do before.  He is now 48 hours without any anti-seizure medication, and he is tired and weak, so it is very possible that what we are seeing are seizures.

Tomorrow afternoon we will meet with the neurology group and will discuss their findings and their plan for Friday's surgery.  We are very curious and anxious to see what they say.  For right now we have to focus on keeping Will under control until Friday.


  1. Thanks so much for the update. I am praying all goes well for little Will and your family. Sending you and yours warm hugs and lots of blessings.


  2. Kelly & Dan,

    Our thoughts are with you and we are praying for your family!!!


    Duke & Kathy