Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Expect to be Amazed

Tuesday started off similar to most other days, with Will somewhat miserable and vomiting up the food that we had worked so hard to get him to eat.  It was frustrating, to say the least.

Happy Smiles!
Doctors came in the early afternoon to remove his 2nd drain tube, which was draining fluid from the cavity created by the tissue removed in Will's brain.  It took a little time, but Will really seemed to perk up from there.  He continued to drink, and by early evening, ate an actual meal.  This was awesome to see!  Later, we got the best surprise of all, Will smiled at us!  It is actually looking like discharge might be in our relatively near future.

Just before going to sleep Tuesday night, Will's IV blew out...again.  Poor Buster has had 7 IV's placed in 9 days, 2 arterial lines, and daily blood draws.  We were terrified that we would need to find another vein for a reinsertion of his IV, and Will just doesn't have many places left.  Thankfully, the doctors agreed that because he is eating and drinking so well we can switch his meds over to oral and there is no need to reinsert the IV unless something changes.  This means even more good news - one by one, all of his leads and tubes have been removed, and Will is now free and not connected to anything.

Since the tubes have been removed, we are finally able to hold Will without too much trouble, except Will only seems to be comfortable lying down, and gets rather upset if we try to sit him up or pick him up.  We aren't sure if this is simply anxiety because he doesn't trust us anymore as we have been pinning him down for procedure after procedure, or if he has a bit of a spinal headache which would be caused by the drainage of spinal fluid through his now removed drain tube.  It could even be a combination of the two. We will discuss this further with the team, but because of this and other concerns, depending on when we get discharged we are planning to take Dr. C's suggestion and stay in a hotel in Detroit for a day or two before we drive home.

Will's doctors are extremely pleased with the way the surgery went.  Dr. C told us that he thinks we should expect to be amazed with the progress Will might be able to make once he recovers, but we are amazed already...just seeing Will being Will.


  1. Yay Will! Keep getting stronger! Keeping the prayers coming!

  2. Hang in there Will, sounds like you are in the home stretch now!

    Great Uncle Tom

  3. Yay Will!!!! Keep those smiles coming! So happy to see the progress!
    That little guy gives new meaning to the term "WILL POWER!"
    The Franz Family (Claire)

  4. What an amazing report! We will pray for all of the "amazement" to begin, and be awesome!

    Love you,
    Kerry, Steve, Megan, Callie, Kevin, and Owen

  5. Great to hear. Dana and I are following his journey and hoping for the best! Sending lots of love your way...


  6. Great to hear. Dana and I are following his journey and hoping for the best! Sending lots of love your way...


  7. What a beautiful smile! Wonderful to see - God is sooooo GOOD!