Sunday, July 31, 2011

Keeping our Fingers Crossed!

As of about 4 AM Sunday morning, Will has officially gone SEVEN DAYS seizure free!!!!

We continue to see him move in a positive direction.  He is very happy, interactive, and energetic.  He is exploring and studying things like we haven't seen before, and advancing with very subtle little things that only those who have been watching him through a microscope would notice.  We still don't know if these things are the result of only the Ketogenic diet or a combination of the diet and him not being on mind-altering drugs, but at this point we think that there is no denying that the diet is stopping the seizures.  We'd love to know what an EEG would look like now. Is it clean, or is it still scrambled but we aren't seeing seizures?

Of all treatments to have success with (and we would have taken any of them), we are so thrilled that the one that worked is one that has very little risk to him, and does not have any nasty side effects.  We are trying not to look too far ahead, and just be happy that the seizures seem to be under control.  We still have the worry that there could be an underlying issue with his brain, however having seizure control is a huge accomplishment.  For right now, we are going to be happy for our little Buster!


  1. so so so very happy to hear!! We're all keeping our fingers crossed for you too.

  2. That is Wonderful NEWS!! So happy for your little guy and your entire family. We will continue to pray that Will continues to improve each and every day.

  3. So happy for you guys! We will continue to pray for him and for you, and are glad that you're enjoying this time!